Tamarillo Moon

eeeiouooiiooo!  Did you see the glorious full moon rising last night?

As it was a bit chilly to sit on the verandah and watch, Dizzy and I took a stroll down the road to harvest tree tomatoes by moonlight instead. My neighbour has a tree protected from frost which produces an amazing crop of these gorgeous, dark red, egg shaped fruit.  he very generously allows me to share his crop.  At the moment, the fruit is just falling off the tree, so I simply gather up what is on the ground.  Some of it is over ripe but perfect for putting on the bird feeder, the rest goes into a big bowl for snacking on anytime. I guess there is a “proper’ way of eating them, but I like to bite off the stalk and suck out the flesh. Tastes cross between a granadilla, a tomato, a guava and something else…  Makes a great chutney too.  Tree tomatoes, or tamarillos, are crammed full of vitamin A and C and lots of Iron, Calcium and Magnesium too. They grow really fast in frost free areas and don’t get too big, so make a great addition to your food garden.  I will be saving  the seeds so let me know if you’d like some.

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  1. I’m certain many people live like this in the city too, Des. It’s the same moon. You’ll be amazed at how much food is growing and often wasted – peer over the fences on your next walk around the suburbs! For inspiration check out the London Orchard Project – they have developed a map of all the fruit trees in the city to ensure that they are cared for and the harvest doesn’t go to waste. Such a cool idea.


  2. desvt says:

    Wonderful Nikki my friend. The way you portray your lifestyle makes us city dwellers look like idiots! Which I suppose are….


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