Soup and Snow

Eish, it has been freezing this winter.  Today was so cold and wet that I didn’t bother to get out of bed all morning.  With my laptop perched on the tea tray and Dizzy snuggled beside me, it was the best place to be, by far.  Low-carbon option too – bonus!  The view out of my window of cold, gold fields and bare trees was beautiful but not very inviting.   I knew there had to be snow somewhere. 

Of course, I did have to eat, so got up to make some soup for lunch.  I love soup and eat it a few times a week. I think I could live on it. Particularly, vegetable and lentil soup. Today I made soup from whatever I could find – starting with the basics of garlic, carrots, celery and adding fresh podded beans and lots of leaves and some sundried tomatoes and dried mushrooms for extra flavour.  Although the picture looks cold, it was hot and really delicious.  The white bowl was in honour of the snow. 

This got me thinking of all my favourite soups. I decided to list my top ten: (ok I’ve got more than ten – I couldn’t help it)

  • Chickpea, black mushroom and spinach
  • Caldo verde (without the chorizo) – sliced potatoes, spinach and lots of paprika
  • Thick lentil soup
  • Cannelini bean and garlic soup
  • Cauliflower cheese soup
  • Broccoli, chilli and pasta rice soup
  • Minestrone
  • Potato, leek and cabbage soup
  • Sweet potato and ginger soup
  • Sweet potato and fennel soup (a new invention!)
  • Ribollita
  • Harira soup with chickpeas, lentils and rice
  • Butternut or pumpkin soup – in all sorts of ways
  • Fennel and Almond soup with cardomom
  • Vegetable soup with barley
  • Puy lentils with spinach soup
  • Sugar bean soup with lots of tomatoes
  • Courgette soup (Paul’s version with dried Italian herbs) and a dollop of yoghurt
  • Bright Green Pea soup – just peas
  • Courgette with quinoa, tomatoes and fresh dhania 

I’ve been meaning to try these too – so may add them to my favourites in a while:

  • carrot and ginger soup
  • peanut soup
  • miso soups – I don’t do much Asian food, but really want to start.
  • Have you got any suggestions I should try?

So now I felt strong enough for a stroll up the hill in beanie, jacket and gloves and two pairs of sock under my boots.  It was beautiful.  There are still lots of fallen leaves on the ground and they were the most gorgeous colours in the wet.  At the top of the hill we sat in the burnt grass and watched the clouds lift over iNhlosane to reveal the snow.  It was very quiet and we saw a few Reedbuck running in the field below. My fingers froze taking this picture.


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  1. desvt says:

    I’m a soup lover too! But do like some crusty bread with it also……


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