Dargle Local Market

I’ve had lots of fun this weekend getting things together for the first ever Dargle Local Market on Sunday. 

While my veggie garden doesn’t really produce more than I can consume, I was happy to share some extra stuff in support of the Local Living cause. A few of my neighbours were unable to come to the market, so I offered to sell their produce for them and this did make our stall look a bit better.

Of course, I did love working on nice packaging.  I printed little brown tags which had space to write in the name of the grower or maker.

I gathered handmade mozzarella, pure yoghut and blue pumpkins from Sharon; herbs and cabbages and spring onions from Carl; quail and chicken eggs, spinach,  grapefruit and a cauliflower from Aloe Ridge; from Nobuhle, big crescents of orange pumpkin and freshly baked artisan bread and orange marmalade from Gill.  I added bunches of mixed greens from my garden, jars of chickpeas stewed with garlic and herbs in my solar cooker, low carbon lemon cordial (lemons picked outside the kitchen door and cooked with sugar in the sunstove) lettuce and open pollinated seeds.  I also helped my neighbour, Barend, to sell his cherry tomato plants, compost, gooseberries and indigenous trees.  So, Dargle abundance indeed!

At the market you could buy feta cheese, pickled cucumbers and chillies, jams, quiches, duck and chicken eggs, milk tart, homemade muesli, cream and cream cheese, lamb, chicken, bread, plants, biscuits and natural yoghurt too.  This astonishing array of delectable Dargle fare is to be shared with neighbours and visitors on the first Sunday morning of each month. The Dargle Dealer, our local trading store which is open daily, plans to stock lots of delicious local food too. 

It was a cold, wet and windy day, which may have put some people off, but still the turn out was good.  Community spirit was high and everyone said extrememly nice things about the initiative.   A very pleasant and satisfying activity to be part of. Read all about what we are doing on www.darglelocalliving.wordpress.com

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  1. How utterly divine! I look forward coming to the next dargle market – do remind me!


  2. Dearest Nikki

    This blog tests the most hardened cynic’s resolve. Well done. I am not only impressed by the form but also by the content. For once. Your photographs are excellent and your spelling a grammar a treat. But, mostly, your content is inspiring, rich in information and speaks of the wide and deep experience you have in these matters.

    I am nearly convinced: It is just that, even though staying home on a beautiful day with a book is one of my very favourite activities, I do not think I could ever spend a day turning a sunstove to capitalise on the direction of the sun.

    Thank you for this.



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