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World Egg Day is a marketing idea to encourage people to eat eggs, I guess.  However, to me and my food activist friends it provides a perfect opportunity to demonstrate against unkind food. There are 22 million battery chickens in South Africa and at least 100 000 in my 5km district road alone. 

In South Africa only 3% of eggs are free range In the UK – 50% of eggs are now free range. Battery birds are deprived of essential stimulation and unable to express their natural behaviour.  I read this quote in the recent edition of Eco-Focus: “Non-violence leads to the highest ethics, which is the goal of all evolution. Until we stop harming all other living beings, we are still savages.” Thomas A. Edison 

In Howick, campaigners Laila, Bridget and Anisa dressed in orange and yellow gathered at the Falls Centre to petition all Supermarkets in South Africa, the SA Poultry Association, The Department of Agriculture and all Restaurants to phase out the selling and using of battery eggs. Hundreds of signatures were collected as most conscious consumers agreed that free range was not only good for the birds but good for human health too.  In the European Union, all battery cages will be banned by 2012, a fact which had many shoppers wondering why South Africa is so far behind the rest of the world in caring about the violent manner in which some food is produced.  World Egg Day is the perfect time to reflect on exactly what we are paying for with our hard-earned money, and perhaps we should be asking why battery eggs are cheaper, instead of why free range eggs are more expensive? 

Michael Pollen says “Cheap industrial food, the organic movement has argued, only seems cheap, because the real costs are charged to the environment (in the form of water and air pollution and depletion of the soil); to the public purse (in the form of subsidies to conventional commodity producers); and to the public health (in the cost of diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease), not to mention to the welfare of the farm- and food-factory workers and the well-being of the animals.” 

For more information visit who are the local branch of Compassion in World Farming. Download the Kind Food Guide. You can choose to support Humane Education Trust with your My Planet card, I do.  It is World Food Day on Sunday 16th – how about eating only kind food that day and giving someone hungry some good, wholesome, organically and sustainably produced food too?

Read this article:  There are plentyof real free range eggs around here.  Dargle Dealer sells them and they are also available at Dovehouse Organic Farm Shop and Howick Veterinary Supplies.

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  1. Bridget Ringdahl says:

    here here – couldn’t have put it any better! you really ought to start writing for the mainstream newspapers – please send your story to the Witness, who knows this may eggcite them into supporting a good cause and raising more awareness and hopefully inspiring some kinder choices out there!


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