My friend Rose and I attended a fabulous NIA class this morning – dancing our hearts out with Kathy Wolstenholme, who was up from Cape Town.   As they say in the blurb “The soul of Nia is joy, experienced through movement. Joy is the greatest antidote to stress and the thread that connects us to one another. Nia is powerful whole body martial arts and dance movement. Nia moves you from the inside, out. This is the way to enliven and free your spirit!”

To avoid ruining the lovely light feeling, we decided to stoll about the Pietermaritzburg Botanic Gardens for the afternoon, rather than dash off to do errands. Unfortunately (or not), the resturant was closed and we were in need of a cup of tea to revive us.  We headed back down Boom Street to Rosehurst instead.

Rosehurst is a secret garden tucked behind a Victorian house in a busy city street (lined with jacarandas in bloom at the moment).  Originally, it was designed by garden guru Lorraine Kettley, based on Gertrude Jekhyll’s gorgeous gardens.  A few years ago it was rescued from the fate which many beautiful old Edwardian and Victorian buildings in the city centre have faced (slow ruin) by Candy Burczak.  Besides nuturing the garden, Candy has created a whimsical blend of delightful shops to accompany the coffee shop and tea garden.  Antiques, old books, pretty teacups and gorgeous things made with love,  jostle for space in the rooms. 

Rose and I were real country bumpkins, over excited and buying all the lovely things we spotted!  A glass measuring jug, felt keyrings, handmade brooches, the prettiest butter dish, books  and wine glasses too!  Honestly, you would have thought we were manic consumers, but as most things were pre-owned, our conscience was salved.

We did need tea however, and ordered delectable scones with mascapone, grilled pears, honey and pumpkin seeds to eat. It wasn’t a very hard choice given the time of day, but we enjoyed reading the menu nonetheless.  We could have had a salad of couscous with apple, pecans and saltanas, carrot soup with dates, roasted beetroot with feta and green onion yoghurt, Eton mess, or their chocolate brownies.

We wandered around the garden, where Candy was trimming and picking.  Rose knew many of the names of the roses and, even I, a seriously non-rose person, had to admire the unusual colours and delicate speckles on the exotic blooms. Honestly, the garden is a delight. If you haven’t visited, you simply must.

What a combination:  rosy cheeks, Rose and Rosehurst. Lucky, lucky me, what a fabulous day!

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  1. Bridget Ringdahl says:

    This has to be one of my most favouritist cafes in the world!


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