Summer Treats

While I am not particularly solar-driven, preferring mist and mizzle to hot sunny days, there is something special about the summer holidays.  The longer daylight hours are one, the abundance of produce another and then there are all sorts of small delights which only occur in summer and feel really celebratory.  These are a few of my favourites:

  • Roasted summer fruits (nectarines, peaches, plums and apricots)
  • Green, green, green everywhere
  • The rolling trombone call of Blue Cranes flying overhead
  • Delicate white nests the paper wasps build on my verandah

  • Swimming in the dam with bright blue dragonflies (and Dizzy, of course)
  • Early morning cups of tea, sipped as I stroll along the road and the sun rises over the forest
  • The clicking frogs and wood owls at night
  • The distinctive calls of the cuckoos (a pretty little Emerald Cuckoo has been eating the Acrea butterfly caterpillars in the Kiggelaria tree this week)

  • Knysna Loeries flashing red overhead and feasting on the figs outside my window
  • Cold sparkling wine at lunchtime
  • Squelchy mud and splashy puddles
  • Marrows which grow like mad before your eyes (and become delicious salads with yoghurt and mint)
  • ooh, a new favourite – Persian Mint Cordial with ice

  • Unexpected floral teasures – I discovered this gorgeous arum lily in my garden this week
  • Afternoon naps on the lawn in the shade watching Jackal Buzzards swirling above
  • Thunderstorms, and the smell of hail
  • Yellow daisies everywhere


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