Picnic at Paul’s

Paul collected the keys for his new house in Howick and I met him there today for a picnic. Dizzy and Sushi had a ball snuffling around exploring and we found lots of nooks and crannies too.  One thing I really like is all the steps there are – perfect for sitting on with a cup of tea – or a picnic.  We were spoiled for choice about where to enjoy our snack:

The lovely, old parquet floors throughout most of the house

The stone steps in the front garden

The wide, worn, wooden steps leading from the living room to the rest of the house

The pavers alongside the house in the shade

The steps leading to the vegetable garden (imaginary at the moment)

The sunny sleepers outside the kitchen

The mossy lawn under the huge Camphor Tree

Aah, perfect. The dogs flopped down on the cool verandah tiles and so did we. Tasty produce all from my garden (except cheese and cucumbers from Sharon down the road). We look forward to creating a fruitful garden in Braemar Crescent too.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Rose Downard says:

    It all looks fabulous – especially the mossy stone steps!


  2. Kath says:

    Looks like fun! I look forward to joining you for a picnic on the steps one day! x


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