Freedom Food

To celebrate Freedom Day I began with a walk in the dark.  I found a sheltered spot high on the hill and settled down to watch the sun rise.  It was appropriately celebratory. Utterly gorgeous in fact – a Rainbow Sky.   On the horizon was a dark red stripe followed by bands of orange and yellow. This became greenish just before the blue, blue bit and, above the clouds it was a dark indigo.  Thanks to the planet for celebrating with us!

Of course, the rainbow set the tone for the day’s meals.  Breakfast was as usual – orangey yellow eggs with red tomatoes and green leeks – I used a blue plate.   The chickens were already out and about when I popped in for some eggs at 6.30. Relishing their freedom. Dizzy and Smudge had free range chicken I had cooked in the sunstove yesterday.

Lunch will be purplish beans just-freed from their pods, with butter lettuce, scarlet tomatoes and basil – with black olives for drama. I may change my mind as it looks like the wind is blowing in some colder weather.  Perhaps I’ll roast the tomatoes and turn them into soup with ciabatta and slices of camembert instead.

I’m planning cavalo nero with puy lentils and yellow polenta for supper.  A little dancing to Good Luck, seriously lekker local band, will undoubtedly follow.  Lucky me.

One my favourite recipe books is Taste Freedom – Food from the Freedom Cafe in Durban.  Wonderfully creative – filled with drawings, photos, food, humour and quotes about Freedom.  My favourite and best one is:

The recipes have fantastic names and are seriously yummy.  My favourite is Beetroot, Goat’s Cheese & char grilled Zucchini on Flat Bread.  Last year, I meant to try the Pears roasted with Honey, Balsamic and Pine Nuts but didn’t – so am glad Pear season is just around the corner!  Moses Mabihda cupcakes sound like fun (especially as I remember so vividly the World Cup excitement in that magnificent stadium – it was almost as good as the original 27th April when we ALL voted for the first time) – perhaps I’ll make some for tea.

Some more of the fabulous freedom quotes – they make me grin:

I want to have fun

I want to shine like the sun

I want to be the one you want to see

I want to knit you a sweater

I want to make you feel better

I want to make you feel free


If you want to be free, be free

because there are a million things to be


 Happy Freedom Day! Hope you celebrate the Abundance of life in Africa, not just today but everyday.


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