River Walks

Today the river is wider and deeper. Today is perfect.  A  master artist has painted a clear cerulean sky, and with broad rolling strokes, mixed in raw umbers and burnt sienna’s to make a palette of translucent greens that hold the now meandering uMngeni in a timeless embrace. We are in the heart of the Dargle.

Little clumps of reeds smother the banks in butterfly kisses.  My feet sink deep into the kikuyu pastures.  I think of the dairy herd along the banks yesterday, one cow chewing in deep repose; her gentle eyes following the ‘Mayday for Rivers’ Team as  we passed by.  I think it would be nice to be that cow.  Even just for a few hours.

I think the rest of the team is tired today, too.

I can tell from the level of banter.  John Fourie has joined Penny, Preven, Penz and myself on the walk. …

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