Food Heroes and Other Heroes

Each month, I write about a local food hero for the local newspaper The Meander Chronicle. I thoroughly enjoy doing this as I get to meet passionate gardeners and explore their interesting gardens.  Most of the stories, I post on the blog as well.  This month, I have been so hectic I completely forgot. The editor sent me a friendly note this week “we go to print tomorrow and some important stories are missing” – eeeek!  I simply couldn’t manage to write one and feel sad that I have been silly enough to get so busy that the things I enjoy the most, are the things I haven’t had time to do.  It does seem that lots of us are in this same frantic boat – my more “connected” friends tell me there is some very interesting energy about at the moment which is causing all this distress. It will pass they say. I need to pay attention to ensuring it does.

Last year, I was given the opportunity to write stories about community heroes alongside the N3 motorway.  This was a really fascinating glimpse into the lives of people I would never normally meet.  Those who have read the stories have commented “restored my faith in humanity”, “raised the bar on giving back” and “I haven’t had such a good cry in ages.”   Perhaps you’d like to read some of the stories too?

Download a pdf version here: Heroes 2012  “Stories are told eye to eye, mind to mind, heart to heart”

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