Simple & Seasonal

I’ve just been sitting in the lunchtime sun eating cauliflower curry and thinking about how seasonal food makes so much sense.  It is hard to imagine eating cauliflower in summer, actually. My favourite way is with mustard seeds and yoghurt and other curry spices. I bought a cauliflower from Tim Fynn on Sunday. Tim has been selling them, freshly picked, at the Dargle Local Market for a couple of months now.  He grows them along the road on the other side of Inhlosane. I bought a broccoli from him too.

This I steamed for supper and dipped into a left over jar of aioli which I had made to sell. I tossed a few toasted almonds on top and it was really scrumptious.   I loved making the aioli – collecting the eggs early and then mixing in the garlic (grown by Gilly Robartes) and lemon juice from lemons outside the kitchen door.  It was a low carbon version, of course, mixed by hand.  The olive oil came from the Karoo and the salt was from the Kalahari – not local at all, but still a nice feeling all being African, at least!

The Dargle market was full of citrus this week, obviously.  You can read about all the rest at:

What shall I have for lunch tomorrow?  I’ve got tomatoes, spring onions, parsley and fennel in the garden, lemons on the tree and I think my sweet potatoes are ready to dig up. I can’t wait!

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  1. how utterly delish!


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