New Green Bowl

Actually, most of my bowls are green and this new one is not very green at all.

I have long been a Clementina van der Walt fan. Remember her wonderful teapots painted with ethnic patterns and wild dogs?  I never actually bought one, despite much longing.  I also remember, many, many years ago eating interesting food off her vibrant plates at the Africa Cafe in Cape Town. Usually, when I come across some of her work, I can’t resist.  As was the case in in Durbs earlier this month.

The New Green Bowl is just perfect for my way of eating.

I have enjoyed just picked, steamed Cavalo Nero and Puy lentils in it…

my entire havest of sweet potatoes (pathetic I know, but uttterly delicious) with homemade aioli…

mixed lettuce for lunch…

fresh pasta with fresh herbs and fresh tomatoes…

As the season starts to change, I can just imagine the delights in store for my new bowl.

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  1. Meriel mitchell says:

    Love your gorgeous green and red bowl. Perfectly appropriate for your cuisine. It reminds me of William Morris’ quote, ” have nothing in yr home that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful” … And your new Clemntina bowl is both!


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