Some of my neighbours, Tom and Lucinda Bates and their family, are doing some serious local living. Very impressive.

Dargle Local Living

This weekend a Spurwinged Goose collided with the Eskom Powerlines at Inversanda and was killed.  The Bates’ found it still warm and in really prime condition. “It must have been instantly zapped as there was no sign of blood or damage” said Lucinda. “I was going to take a pic of it lying on its back with its legs in the air but Brandon was hoping desperately that it might suddenly spring to life and felt that a pic was inappropriate!” 

Having heard that they are as tough as old boot nails, the Bates’ cooked it for 10 hours on Dennis the Dover Stove and made the most delicious goose pies. Brandon made a pastry goose on the top of the crust as decoration.

Iona sent the pictures to friends in Edinburgh to show how they were living off the land. The friends were horrified.  How could we eat something…

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