Artichokes don’t like the wet weather

Our seasons are all a bit peculiar and unpredictable ( as everywhere) and this year it has been raining almost constantly for as long as I can remember.  A couple of months?   I usually love the the mizzle and mist of Springtime in the Dargle, but even I am a little weary of the mud this year.

This cool, damp weather does mean that nothing is really growing.  Beans, patty pans are all just sitting about waiting for some heat to get going.  Interesting, we always feel sorry for areas without rain and wonder how they will grow any food, when actually it is just as challenging with too much rain.  I’m not sure exactly how much we have actually had, but the farm dam was full at the end of October – two months ahead of the usual late December.

To my great disappointment, my artichokes are completely miserable.  Being Mediterranean in origin means that they are not partial to cold, wet summers, obviously.  Last year we had a long, hot, dry Spring and I had zillions. I ate heaps, served them up to friends and even sold some at the Dargle Market.

Anyway, during a rare burst of sunshine today, I decided to pick my one and only artichoke and enjoy it for lunch. It was absolutely delicious.

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  1. Meriel mitchell says:

    What a really beautiful photo… Rather nice if it were printed, painted or hand drawn on a ceramic platter or bowl or even as a painting.


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