Bean Season

Hot, sunny afternoons are perfect for harvesting dried beans.  They have been in short supply this summer, so Paul and I  made the most of one this week to gather the pods which have dried on the vines in his food garden.  The bean poles are absolutely covered in greenery, as high as the roof  – and if they had something else to climb on they would keep growing, no doubt.res. scrivi bean tendrils

We picked and picked and picked. Going back again and again as they lurk on the inside of the trellis and are sometimes hard to see.  We filled a big plastic bathtub!

res. scrivi beans harvest in a bath

While we were picking, we planned supper too.  There were a couple of green peppers and plenty of cherry tomatoes and the basil is looking good.

res. tomato harvest

Then we sat on the veranda in the cool breeze and podded.  We were thrilled to get 2kgs of our very favourite bean!  We call them  fagiolini scrivi, but they are really just a variety of lima with red scribbles.

res. fagiolini scrivi 002

Supper was a sort of ratatouille (we had a few aubergines from Woollies to add).  It was delicious.

res. scrivi beans 025

We’ve saved the biggest fattest seeds to plant next season and plan to eat the rest soon.  Fabulous stewed with sweet potato and coconut milk or just tossed in olive oil and lemon juice in a salad.  Yum.

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  1. Yes, they could be posted. Will get some gem squash seeds too. Did you read last years post about the scribble beans, Mel? search in the blog for fagiolini scrivi or just click here:
    No, I am not wild about pickles and we don’t have that much that we can’t eat or share. We have made a lot of tomato sugo though and frozen it.


  2. lemons says:

    Love the ‘scrivoli’ beans —— could they be posted? Also really want gem squash this year and reckon an early sowing would be the way to go …. am going to try internet and then YOU. i like the ones you and i know from mum just green, round, lots of butter and yum (yes we need a good long summer but am prepared to take the chance). are you making pickles?


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