Bridget’s Girls

My friend Bridget Ringdahl is passionate about animal rights.  Whenever she can, she frees some battery chickens from their cramped and miserable lives.  The latest batch to arrive in her Howick garden have got a really splendid house – The Ladies Retreat on 15 Miller Street – with no pressure to lay!

She sent me these pictures. They always seem to have no chest and neck feathers – I think it must be from sticking their heads through the wire cages to eat.  Takes forever for the feathers to grow back, sometimes they don’t.

Henpecked but not as bad as those caro and i saved a few years ago

Bridget boys, Lucky and Impi, were on hand to greet them when they arrived.

lucky & impi look on with such restraint as girls touch grass for the first time

They got stuck into the greenery right away – what a treat!

what do mean flowers grass you mean this is normal

Bridget has built them a gorgeous hen house to make them feel safe and welcome.

P1050606 (Medium)

Impi guards “his girls” as they explore their new abode.

Impi gaurd dog with girls checking out their new bedroom

Remember the chickens Carl and I rescued last year? Well, only one has survived the predators.  She spends her days eating fallen figs and pecking at greenery in my garden (often just outside the window where I work – I think she likes the company) and occasionally wandering through my house. In the evenings she hops through Carl’s kitchen window and sleeps on top of a chest of drawers in her studio where is quite safe from wild things. We need to get her some new friends.

I came across this terribly stylish Hen House in Cape Town. Have a peep:

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  1. Meriel mitchell says:

    Bridget’s girls…. Thanks wonderful story thank you Bridget for taking them in. just thought how about a calendar next year, Bridget’s Calendar Girls in their finery.


    1. Meriel, you will also enjoy “Free the Chickens” in the latest edition of the Meander Chronicle – Bridget as Hero with lovely picture of Gill Addison’s girls.
      Worth signing up for their online edition for all the Midlands news.


  2. Ahh thanks for posting the dear girls! You have to come and visit them soon and see how they have recovered…
    You’ll be interest to know that their house was built with throw-outs left on the pavement from Howick cabins! 😉
    I do like that stylish capetonian house though…


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