Garden Breakfast

One would think that the excitement of harvesting whole meals from the garden would eventually wear off. It doesn’t seem to. I get a thrill every time.   Yesterday I planted peas and lettuce and dug up some potatoes.  Always fun as you never know how many you are going to get. I was pleasantly surprised. Nothing like freshly unearthed potatoes for a treat.

potatoes res

I steamed some for supper and ate them with pesto which my friend, Bridget, had made from her super-abundant basil crop.  The moon was full, the evening balmy and the wood owls calling. Pretty perfect.

There were leftovers, which brings me to breakfast.  Cherry tomatoes are in full swing (I eat them three times a day at the moment) and are a good accompaniament to potatoes. I fried them up with spring onions and sweet potato leaves.  Bread for the toast was not made by me, but by Piggly Wiggly just along the road.  Enjoyed in the shade on the verandah, surrounded by purple Plectranthus is full bloom.

potatoes and tomatoes fro breakfast res

As it was a glorious sunny autumn day, I popped more of the potatoes and some lentils into the sun stove to make a curry for supper.  It cooked away while I pottered in the garden. Lunch harvest was Cos lettuce and more tomatoes with the last of the pesto. I sat under the Celtis tree with thick billed Weavers snacking on the fruit and husks raining down on me. A woodpecker found a hollow branch and tap-tapped away while I read a very interesting book on Self Sufficiency – by Dick and James Strawbridge.

cos lettuce tomatoes and pesto

The curry smells good and will be a great meal with lemon and coriander from the garden.

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  1. Meriel mitchell says:

    Your garden harvest and menu compilation sounds delicious…. And the ambiance and setting even more appealing. I spent the last two days in Lidgetton, soaking up the scenery of the Meander. Before breakfast at Pleasant Places this Morning, watching a herd of cows in obedient single file fashion stroll up a gentle meandering path on a green, green undulating hill, and then meander down again was a new ‘time to slow down’ experience. I was called a “faithful midland meander supporter” at
    the breakfast table!


  2. So simply gourmet without even trying – I dream about your restaurant’ and thanks for reminding me to dig for patotoes – nice thing to do on easter morning seeing I wont have any chocolate eggs to hunt for.


    1. Oh yum, potatoes are much nicer than chocolate anyway! And the hunt is much more interesting and satisfying.


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