A Fabulous Floating Birthday

Even usual things seem extra special on one’s birthday don’t you think?  Dizzy licks me awake as my phone tinkles with the first of many friendly messages. An early morning stroll along the road with moon setting and red sun just rising is a good, familiar start. When neighbours stop with birthday hugs, Jessica sends me the word “brilliant” as a gift, and there are plenty of grins and cuddles in the farmyard, I know it is going to be a good day. One of my favourite quotes is scribbled on the blackboard at the barn:

r today 009

Cape Parrots swirl overhead as usual, but a couple break off and swoop low over my cottage, then loop back and circle around as I potter in the garden. They are greeting ME, aren’t they? Of course, they are.  I read aloud to myself from one of my favourite books.

r today 007

It’s a classic sunny mid-winter day – red hot pokers glow orange, carpenter bees buzz around the purple Hypoestes and there are lots of little white butterflies about. I have invited some friends to stop working for the afternoon and relax with me.

r kniphofia caulescens (1)

I pack the laziest picnic ever – no cooking, just deli and Woolies staples – and we wander up to the dam.

r birthday 001

We float on the raft. mmmm… This is nice. The water is freezing so skinny dipping is avoided.

r birthday 005

Champagne chills in a bag slung in the water.  Until we need another cold bottle and pop it.

r birthday 007

But there is scientific evidence apparently (Judy’s private school education) that rafts on dams head for the shade – so frantic manoeuvres are needed to keep us in the sunshine.

r birthday 009

Penny knows that all you need is a little skilled paddling and a sense of humour. Particularly useful when you have just become a grandmother-to-be.

r birthday 008

We have no plates (I am NOT doing washing up on my birthday). It’s a tupperware party!

r birthday 014

We gossip and giggle and blow bushman bubbles. Jackal buzzards float past. Tractors trundle over the dam wall. There are Reedbuck on the horizon.

r birthday 022

Dizzy eats lots of camembert, goat’s cheese and artisan bread but keeps hoping for more.

r birthday 027

The sun sets, the parrots come home to roost squawking loudly, Dizzy thinks it is time for a real walk, my phone is still relaying happy messages: Imin emnandi kuwe siyakuthanda Nikki! I am the luckiest 52 year old on the planet – no question.

r african horned cucumber birthday 030

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Meriel mitchell says:

    I’m not sure wether you are the luckiest 52yr old or if Dizzy is the luckiest dog alive …. Seems you are both lucky to have each other!


  2. Charlene says:

    What a truly lovely way to spend your birthday, you are lucky lucky lucky indeed! 🙂 Lots of love always ! Char


  3. Rose Downard says:

    Sounds like a lovely, relaxing birthday and with gorgeous sunny weather too! xx


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