Snapshots of Splashy

I spent a week at Splashy Fen with the Sushi Sistas and had so much fun. We served up sensational vegan food all day, swam in the river, danced until late.

r camping at splashy

Snapshots of Splashy

Marigolds fly

Unicorns float

Mushrooms roll

Fresh pears poke

sq sushi 1

Robots wink

Cranes call

Nipples grin

While raindrops fall

a robot

Stilts stride

Sistas sizzle

Vegans feast

Despite the drizzle

a sushi sistas

Moon howls

Guitars entrance

Stones stack

Dads and daughters dance

stack of stones

Drummers stun

Graffiti sprays

Teepees flap

Legends are praised

splashy signpost

Colours clash

Cultures collide

Sunshine smiles

And slip slops slide

a sushi sistas sgn

Looking for a cup of tea?

Fancy a little sonic fatigue?

Then Splashy is the place to be.

Thank you so much.

a tubing river


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Erica says:




  2. paddock13 says:

    hi Nikki

    Thanks for reminder of such a happy, relaxing time at Splashy. k >


    1. Thank you Kate for fetching that cold beer when I really needed it! xxx


  3. Gorgeous pics Nikki. Looks like it was a lot of fun.


    1. Thanks Themba – it was. I was really surprised as I have avoided it forever!


  4. Christeen says:

    Wonderful Nikki!


    1. Thanks Christeen. You should try it again one day….


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