The Weeks Fly By

The mist rolls in

the day resumes

the sun peeps out

something blooms

the damp rises

the branch aches

the web shivers

something breaks

the river runs

the postman smiles

the clouds collect

something dies

the weeks fly by

as we anticipate the one moment

an imagined date

that might make life worth the wait

the ant tickles

the stars delight

the grass soothes

everything is alright

a web dew




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  1. freetheemind says:

    Some parts spoke to me too.

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    1. It feels like a poem that everyone can add to. x

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  2. I used to love writing poetry. This reminds me why. Thank you

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    1. It is new to me and I absolutely love it! Have you read my Higgledy Piggledy Poetry post? It’s the magical once a month evening in our neighbourhood where we all share our scribblings and thoughts.

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      1. I have now! Lovely idea


  3. naturebackin says:

    The detail in your photo makes it clear how little things are so worthy of our attention and celebration. Your poem brought to mind “life is what happens when we are making other plans” or words to that effect sung by John Lennon, although I think he was in fact quoting someone else!?

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    1. That’s exactly it! So much delight all about us – if we just pause a moment to notice.

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  4. Christeen says:

    Nikki dear friend this is such a beautiful summing up of the days… Love! xxxx

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    1. It’s the ordinary little things… thank goodness I am able to notice (and celebrate) them.

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  5. Kim Ward says:

    I love this x

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    1. Thank you Kim. Read it at Poetry Night yesterday. You need to join us again.

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