Squeaky Nights

‘tis the season when the doors don’t close

when windows stick

and drawers jam

when jam is fresh

as fruit falls freely

and days are drenched in cuckoo calls

but the nights!

oh the nights

dusk settles as silent bats swoop

but deep in the dark the big bats squeak

frogs creak

and click

and rattle

toads roar

owls rasp

crickets see-saw

the night symphony beckons the light

with flutes and whistles

and chirrups of delight

then unsettled hadedas roused from their roosts


there will be no more squeaking today

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Jenny Roodt says:

    Love, love this. I will think of those Hadidahs as bossy old folk now, telling everyone to quiet their music.
    Thank you Nikki xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lovely to hear that Jen. x


  2. Christeen says:

    Nikki this is such an evocative and glorious poem, I LOVE it! xxxx


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