Eat Local Challenge – Week One

  I like to think I am a locavore. It’s quite a trendy thing to be right now, but makes complete sense to me. It’s the reason I started the Dargle Local Market and then, when that took on an unlocal look, got Dargle Trade and Howick Exchange ticking along.  The Midlands Barter Markets are… Continue reading Eat Local Challenge – Week One

Yarn Bomb Blast!

Traditionally poles, walls and fences have been the canvas for graffiti artists, but yarn bombing has changed the face of street art forever – not even seen as graffiti by most people, but as an entirely acceptable form of urban art. The basic idea is to wrap fibre (usually crochet or knitted yarn) around something… Continue reading Yarn Bomb Blast!

This Place is in My Bones

Steampunk poetry evenings are a non-negotiable date in my diary. Last night,  the first Steampunk Poetry book was launched.  This enchanting compilation of local poems, by people we all know, edited by Lara Kirsten, is available at Steampunk for only R100 – hurry while they are hot!  I wrote about these special evenings a while… Continue reading This Place is in My Bones

Guerrilla Gardeners and Other Revolutionaries

I am surrounded by many very interesting (and occasionally rebellious) gardeners. They inspire me constantly and also teach me all sorts of interesting things – not least about growing food.  Often I write stories about them which is a great excuse to pick their brains and find out what makes their gardens tick – more… Continue reading Guerrilla Gardeners and Other Revolutionaries